How to get the best out of your smartphone?



Many people are using their phones not at par of its capabilities. They are prone to numerous threats including theft, forgetting passwords, cyber attack, loss of data, privacy issues, missing parental controls, etc. Either knowingly or unknowingly they are getting into vulnerabilities that can easily attract threats. In this post, I will explain the do’s and don’ts while using your smartphone to its full without compromising its security.

  1. Antivirus: While android system needs an antivirus but it doesn’t need an optimizer or some RAM Booster kind of thing. Android is smart enough to automatically clear Ram from unattended apps. The optimizer forces to close the apps and erase them from RAM and when you re-launch an app the system has to load it again back to the memory, this makes your phone slow. Also, some cleaners/Optimizer tends to delete system files which result into misbehaving apps.
  2. Passwords:  Usually we forget the passwords but we should at least not forget the email password so that all other passwords can be recovered. Make a password note and keep it away from your digital world. Or you could set a rule of setting passwords which you think is reasonably strong. For Example, I use to set passwords based on the app or service name and after that my seat no in an exam. This way you could easily remember your passwords. Be sure that it is not guessable to anyone.
  3. Utility Apps: Use the utility apps related to locations, finance, productivity, wallets, etc. Unlike the internet, apps do save a lot of time .
  4. Theft Security: The best solution is to be prepared. Download and properly install this software called ‘Prey‘ – it’s free and most robust. For installing this software correctly read this guy’s post.
  5. Money making apps: Don’t use the money making apps where you install random apps which you don’t even know and get paid a nominal amount of Rs 10 – 20. After that, you recommend that app to your friend and get additional Rs.50. Please listen to me carefully. What these services are doing is that for a nominal amount of money they are peeking into your privacy. Also, they are sharing your activities with the advertising agencies. Wonder when you see an Ad on facebook exactly relevant to your study or job or liking. Be aware of such things.
  6. Social media: Be careful while using social media. Don’t waste time. Don’t let your privacy and information leak to anybody. Do some useful stuff; help people, ask for help, do some research, learn something, stay connected & stay updated. You can do a lot more than just post random photos.
  7. More-than-One: If you are possessing the following things more than one in quantity then it might become a vulnerability. It would be good if you get rid of these:

a. Sim card (2 is ok)

b. Social media IDs (except work and personal email ids)

c. Mobile phone (1 brand new and 1 old , huh! But if you can handle then it’s ok.)

This is all from my side. If you got something to add up, please share with us in the comments. Good Bye. Take care and yes, stay tuned to know more. There’s a lot more upcoming.


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