Be prepared for the Worst by getting organised


With ceaseless busy schedules at work, we are getting lesser time for personal maintenance tasks. While postponing to update your resume, you are still delaying the task of getting an antivirus for your PC. Not just enough you still haven’t worked out what you gonna do when your laptop goes missing/stolen and what will you do when all your passwords will get hacked by someone. Do you remember when is your passport due for renewal? Well, If you don’t, you gotta read this post.

This procrastination makes us vulnerable to worse situations. Being prepared for the worst-case scenario means you stay fully organized. For optimum productivity, you need resources well organized with fewer (unorganized) data and more (structured)information. These tips will get you going.

1. Maintain this Register:

This Excel register is made for personal records & reporting. This sheet will keep all your information in one place. I recommend you download this sheet and start updating it. Once updated, this will get all your personal data at one place. Remember to keep it safe and protected (preferably on removable storage). The default password is “changethis”. This will serve you as a cross-reference to your diary, document file, resume, medical history, sizes, and measurements,etc. I have made this for my efficiency and hope it may serve you as well. Soon you will realize that it is a time-saving tool. Remember not to compromise its security. Click here to download-excel

2. Update your Resume:

If you have a resume, update it or else download this and keep it to you. This may come in handy at any time. For a very simple resume download this format. For advanced level resumes,  New Graduate or Management Resume are also good.

3. Monthly Expense Tracker:

download (3)Whether you need funds for your hobbies or just in case for a situation, it is important that you always stay in your budget. For this, you need to track your expenses and provide for savings. Here are a few Templates of personal tracking sheets in Excel (Template 1 & Template 2) or else you can use a free App ‘MoneyView‘ on your mobile phone.

4. Protection to Devices:


Over-dependence of our work on computers makes it an important part of being organized. Everything might go to a waste if your gadgets are vulnerable to viruses, malware, ransomware, theft, etc. To avoid all this, do invest in a comprehensive anti-virus or internet security software. I personally use Kaspersky internet security (Try the free Trial). Even Norton and McAfee are good.

You have no idea when the device you claim ‘yours’, gets into the hands of a thief or you missed your laptop bag in a train. It will be of no use that you cry for it later. Well, let’s get prepared for the worst. The best solution is you download and properly install this software called ‘Prey‘ – it’s free and most robust. For installing this software correctly read this guy’s post. He literally retrieved back his stolen laptop from another country.

5. Having a to-do list and a Diary:

Well, this is for productivity and efficiency. You may use pen and paper or an app instead for this. I also use a pen & paper Diary. You may combine a to-do list with your diary too. It is good for planning and going back in time. It’s never late to get started with these things. Even I am getting serious about them quite recently. And believe me, they are really useful. If it’s written you need not worry to remember it. People who do not maintain a diary are required to remember things and also have to worry about forgetting them. You will get ahead on them when it comes to being prepared for the worst.

6. Be technically prepared:

Get the phone numbers of your nearest Police Station, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Local friend, Emergency Contact No. and full address of your current location written in your diary and on your phone. Get the directions and maps on your phone. Use your phones for the purpose they are made for instead of just playing games. Download a good map or an app for navigation. Look out for an emergency exit in every bus and hotel or room you stay at night. keep all your important documents on your body while traveling. Write down all your documents numbers in your diary (PAN, Passport No, Adhaar no, license No, etc.). For more tips on survival check this post.

With all this, one cannot ensure being fully prepared but it is at least something. And yes, with prayers and help from God, one can survive any worst case scenario.


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