How to survive the city life?

You have left your hometown and boarded a bus to the city. But suddenly you are facing problems with adjusting to the living standard of your new accommodation. Your thoughts about the past luxurious life at home are letting you down, feeling nervous. Most people know that, this is the time when you could be easily deceived. You are prone to numerous threats including extortion, robbery, fights, etc. I wish you won’t get to experience those. Because life in a city of strangers is exactly the opposite of your village’s. Here are a few tips for surviving the city life:

  1. Be technically prepared:

    Get the phone numbers of your nearest Police Station, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Local friend, Emergency Contact No. and full address of your current location written in your diary and in your phone. Get the directions and maps on your phone. Use your phones for the purpose they are made for instead of just playing games and posting photos on Facebook. Download a good map or an app instead. Look out for an emergency exit in every bus and Hotel or room you stay at night. keep all your important documents on your body while traveling. Write down all your documents numbers in your diary (PAN, Passport No, Adhaar no, licence No, etc.).

  2. Shut your mouth:

    Don’t dare to argue anyone. Keep your voice low and be polite. Keep your senses awake and don’t just look but observe things around you. Don’t speak out everything about your life to any stranger who has just become your friend. Interact with locals freely so that they could not see you as afraid, loner, stranger or fragile. Use the local language if you know it otherwise the famous language. Using the local language gives a sense of nearness to other person. He may treat you well just because your language is similar.

  3. Read the minds of others:

    Be attentive to the words a person is using while talking. Read the person’s character by looking at his clothes, voice tone, choice of words, possessions, shoes, shirt collar, eye-brows, lips,etc. Just looking at him you should be able to get details about his hometown, profession, culture, interests, belongings, tobacco habits, etc. Stay away from doubtful characters. Keep yourself aware of the environment and act cautiously.

  4. Look upon good people for help:

    Wherever you go there are always good people to help you out. But remember this is a city and there is one rule for getting help and that is simple-ASK.., “Help is always given to those who ask for it.” People here just don’t help the fallen biker. The reason being he is not asking for help. You will ask the crowd “someone call the police..” or “someone call the ambulance..” but each crowd member thinks someone else will do that job. Instead, point out a person (like, you there in black shirt, call the police now!). This will create a sense of responsibility in his mind.

  5. Stay away from Debts:

    An average human-being can survive upto 4 weeks without food but only 3 days without water. Thank God water is free and there seems no point on borrowing money for food. Even-though it seems fine but you don’t know whats going inside the lender’s head. I don’t mean you starve for a month but Borrow only if essential for basic food and living. Stay away from costly and junk food rather than borrowing funds for it. To avoid all this, Spend your money wisely.

  6. Be Reasonable:

    Being reasonable means keeping thing under limit. Don’t override the limit upon things. For example: Sharing all personal details to a recent friend, Sleeping too much in the morning or day-time, late night roaming, Flirting, making jokes on others, excessive talking on phones, etc. Remember, excess of anything is bad.

  7. Take guidance from seniors and experts:

    Ask for advice from your friends, seniors, relatives, experts, teachers, employer, locals, etc for any new thing you start. It may be a journey, job-assignment, venture, etc. Take views and opinions of your well-wishers before deciding.

  8. Expand Your Horizon:

    You’re in a city filled with inspiring and motivated people, with all kinds of interests, talents and hobbies. Now’s your chance to sign up to do something you’ve never done before. Whether that’s attending a public speaking class or doing a charity fun run across the city, you’re bound to learn something new about yourself, and meet exciting new people who can help take you out of your comfort zone.

  9. Pray:

    Last but not least. Recite all the authentic supplications(prayers) before leaving out. Prayers attract help from God.

All the very best for your future. I will be there if you need me.


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