Warrior’s Oath

Warriors are those who choose to stand between their enemy and all that he loves or holds sacred. A warrior takes an Oath, a pledge that he will fight for his country until death. No retreat, no surrender. He knows the meaning of these words more than anything in the world. He has to follow and respect the law under which he is honored to be a warrior. A trained warrior has only one aim in the battlefield and that is to kill.To do what he is trained to do and to do what a free man should do. His profession is to protect his kingdom. The Armour is his clothes and the shield is his protection, theĀ  spear is his far-reach and the sword, a hell of a revenge.


Similarly, we have also pledged ourselves for our profession but the intensity of the oath seems to be slowly fading in our lives. Our aims and sacrifices are not like that of a warrior. Our training and learning is weaker than that of a warrior. Our devotion and submission is loser than his.

Apply the principles of a warrior in your training and learning, and soon you will see the results. Study hard and study well. You have to train each and every skill into your mind and body. A warrior is thrown out of the field if he has even a small weakness or defect. You should also not leave a single weakness left unturned inside you. Explore your potentials and find your weaknesses. Face them and turn them into your strengths.

Pray for all, for yourself and for your family. Be good with friends and relatives. Be easy with kids and be humble with elders. Rules are made to make you better but if you wanna break them, first show your testament to perfectness.

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