Balance of Life!!

I always arrive at Office late But I make it by leaving Early. – Charles Lamb

Specifically speaking about a developing country like India, the workforce here is working for more than their working hours. The issue of balance between social, personal and professional life takes root in these times. The line of distinction between personal and professional life seems blurred which results in mixing of one into another. Work assignments at home and personal chats at the office are lowering the capacity to work effectively.

The simple solution for this might be to keep everything in its own place. Focusing one thing at a time and making a schedule of things to do all day, might help you give time for personal factors.


Office politics is a very crucial thing to handle and if you are kind and soft you might face the worst part of this politics. In order to handle office politics I can say that keep quiet and calm, entertain orders only from your boss to whom you are reporting things to, be clear in words, when someone asks your suggestion in a problem speak clear and true words which are easily understandable, know your colleagues and bifurcate them into two classes; one with whom you can make pranks (jokes) and others who don’t like making jokes at them, don’t try to impress someone  by over-committing and under-performing rather under-commit and over perform.

I would like to hear your suggestions also. Please like and share.


2 thoughts on “Balance of Life!!

  1. Hey absolutely ….true post ….we all facing same problem in our workplace….and do not give proper time to each thing …..things should be properly managed if we will managed it as per their importance and right time……

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