Happy Teacher’s Day

Teachers make a child whatever he wants to become. But in this post I am primarily focusing on the negative side. While schools and colleges are intended for personal and professional development of a student, some institutions including private coaching classes are making it a money business. And even students are not taking what is to be taken, making it a waste of almost 1/3 rd of their lives. Education must be like where a child enters, learns, practices, develops the intended and get rid of whats not intended and finally come out a fully equipped and developed person with a fire in his heart to serve the purpose of his family, society and country.

Sadly, education has become a mere syllabus now. The degrees are been purchased for money. Guys please think over this: “What is the difference between us and others if we couldn’t do anything better after 20 years of sincere education than others who have purchased a degree.”


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