A Short Analysis of Time Management.


We are using all the technology to save time and yet wtimee are always out of time. Being busy is becoming a new joy. We always use this excuse for avoiding tasks which are of social or religious significance. The reason for this habit is that a person gives all his time for only those tasks to which he gives preference. It is a matter of preference for one task over another and then those tasks eat up all his time making him busy all day long.

The main reason for procrastination (postponement of things) is the fear of doing important tasks. I have even read and experienced that human beings even fear to be successful. Yes, it is true. Fear of success is like we fail to do important tasks even we knew that it will be better for our future.

We create time for things which we love and things which are given preference. So we need to give preference to other things also.  To become free from fear we need to face it rather than always thinking about it and increasing its intensity. If you have a suggestion for fear and time management please comment below:images (4)


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