The Perfection

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Even if you got all that it needs, still you cannot claim to be perfect. As it is said,” there is always room for perfection.” You cannot claim that you are perfect. That part to call you perfect or excellent is not bestowed upon you, but it is bestowed upon someone senior to you or upon a really significant person. There is a thin line of distinction between confidence and over-confidence. “I can do it”-it’s confidence. “Only I can do it!”- It’s over-confidence. Even if you are the only person in the whole world that can do a specific job, still you have to accept that there is room for perfection.

Confidence and perfection come not through praising and story-telling, but it comes through hard-work and persistence. Every day we take small steps, make mistakes and learn. The process continues for years, and finally, you come out glorious which they call an “Overnight Success”. But actually, it wasn’t so overnight. Only you know what you have gone through for that so-called an overnight success.


I always say that through failures we learn and through mistakes we get better. But sometimes, one mistake is your last mistake. Not all failures are for learning and getting up and moving ahead with more hard work but some failures are very harsh. There are two types of mistakes, viz; one through which you get to learn from and another is a mistake through which others learn from you. It is always said that in real life situations one mistake can make you a history. Those are the mistakes through which others get lessons and you get the punishment. The mistake made in a class could be corrected tomorrow but when real life situations grab us, we can’t afford to make mistakes. Literally, we need to implement best practices and work really hard so that  mistakes are reduced to the minimum.



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