The Giver or the Taker! Who are you?

My dad said me once,” there are two types of hands in the world, one that gives and the other that takes.” He asked,” Who is better? the person who gives or the person who takes?” I answered,” the person who gives is better than the person who takes.” He said that the answer was correct.

Of-course, there are people who only take from the world and never give. Either out of poverty or from misery but we tend to take more and more. The stomach of a person is small and could be easily filled up, but his desires and wants always crave for more to have for himself. Poor selfish!! Poverty or Luxury doesn’t affect a human from being a righteous person, but his deeds do. A poor can be a good person and the rich could also be a good person in one way or the other. Money doesn’t bring down anybody, but deeds do.

The givers are the people who just want to give whatever they can afford, either financially or otherwise. Their stomach might be empty but their hearts are always filled with love and prayers.

And this holy month is of giving not eating. It is the month of giving up. Giving up bad deeds, giving up evil speaking and giving up anger. This is the month of spreading love and affection to those who need it. This is the month to help them financially so that they will start their preparations for Eid. Remember, the poverty among us exist only because the givers of Zakat (Charity) are not calculating zakat exactly as per the rules and guidelines or might be the zakat is not reaching to the needy people.

The rules for calculation of zakah have to be studied by us. And this is the only way to let EQUALITY prevail as it prevailed at the times of Sahabas’ (RadhiAllahu Ajmain), the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Below chart will help you in calculating Zakah upto certain extent. Sorry, I don’t have it in english. But you may ask the people of knowledge about it.IMG-20150705-WA0008 image courtesy: Baitul Maal Jamatul Muslimeen, Mhasla, Raigad, MH.


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