Friends are a real treasure

Friend!! The word that makes you feel happy, the word that gives you strength, the word that makes your life complete because the sky without star doesn’t look good that’s how life without a friend is not good. Everyone can leave you except your friend in your worst days. When we are falling down they raise us. Friendship doesn’t matter age, money, standard or anything, it is just the matter that when they are with you, you would feel proud to be with them. Its even scientifically proven that if your friendship is more than 6 or 7 years then it lasts for life time.

   A friend who is always with you, for you and to whom you can ask for anything is always a need of everyone. But more of the friends are just becoming your friends because you and him are studying, living or working together. But real good friends are those who keep in touch with us long after we leave that college, place or work, which in today’s world is a difficult task. I myself have lost contact with my previous friends because of looking forward to new friends and new scenarios. But now I try my best to keep all those strings attached. We often make this mistake of not looking after and caring for our friends who aren’t with us now but we had a very good time when we were together. This task of maintaining the friendships going, especially long distance friendships has many advantages. I don’t mean that you should keep it going just for expecting a benefit out of it. Friends for benefits are not friends at all. They are called partners. The advantages are mere facts that are attached to a friendship.

The most important advantage is that you become a respected person in others eyes. When you keep in touch with your friend, then he trusts you and definitely he shares with you his biggest problem and then you try to help him and that makes you feel respectful. Other thing is that you learn how to be good with people. From business point of view a successful person is always good at people. He knows how to handle people. And people love him. He always think from the people’s point of view and try to keep people happy towards him. He attracts people everywhere he goes. So, just by keeping in touch with all the people he meets , people start to think that this person is always available for me and hence people make a normal guy a great person. So, trying to connect with people specially friends teaches you to make more new friends and develops your ability to handle people. You learn to become helpful to everyone. You learn to manage friendships.

The most worst part is the unavailability of us for anyone. Even though in this highly technological world, people sometimes are either unavailable or unreachable when we need them most. Please follow this advice guys, I have faced many complications because of being unreachable most of the times. Some people have phone but they are always unavailable to pick up the call. Some have social media so weak that they don’t reply a mail for almost 3-4 days. Please be reachable and available whenever possible because people have faith in you that you are the person who can help them out. When you are busy then try to connect back to them after you get a free time. Remember to give time to only those who deserve otherwise you would lose your time and efforts for a person who calls you only when he needs you. Keep an eye on the person who is using you for his benefit. It doesn’t mean that he should give you something in return for your favor but atleast he understands your efforts for that favor and tries to become like you. It Means he is not a selfish person. And he is willing to help others like as you helped him. Remember to classify the good guys from the bad guys.

Maintaining relationships strong isn’t a difficult task. We have got 24 hours a day and 30 days a month. If we just remembere one friend in 2 days for just 5 minutes then we can be able to get back our all lost friends in 1 or 2 months. The key is that we should be the first who takes the lead. “Why isn’t he calling me first?”, is not an excuse. We ourselves should make a lead. Sometimes people won’t need money but they need a friend. A friend to whom they can talk to, hold on to, share with their joys and sorrows.

But don’t waste time on social media too much. A phone call of 2 minutes is worth more than typing on social media service for about a half an hour. Just be reasonable enough and manage your schedule for every task of day to day life.Besides Socializing a bit, Time scheduling (management) and writing a journal (diary) on day to day basis is a very important task we all should do.

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Article’s Topic Credit: Wasil Takey.

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