A Guide to the Brave Boy!

If Leaving home the very first time for studies or job; then definitely you are a brave boy/girl. And if you are aged less than 18 years, then you are probably worried about the upcoming days. I have mentioned 18 years over here because if you are above 18 then might be you are mature enough to foresee up to a certain extent the reality of living away from home and family. Well, no matter whatever your age is but in this article, I will give you an insight of the various aspects of leaving home and how to tackle those issues. I will share some Do’s and Don’ts that will help you to a certain extent. I hope this article will serve as a Guide Book to the brave Boy.

I left home when I was 15. Now after 8 years, I have got you something which will help you out at least a little bit. But remember you are on your own, assume that no one will help you and hence you have to be strong enough.

So, your backpack is ready. You are all set to leave tomorrow first thing in the morning. Well, have a good sleep, which is actually a very difficult task. Now, whether you choose a shared room to stay or a hostel, no matter. But, if you are still in a dilemma whether hostel is better or a room, then consider these points to know better about your decision.

1. Hostels are located in the vicinity of colleges and you need not waste time on conveyance.

2. Rooms come with responsibility and you have to look at each and everything such as electricity, gas, water, food and cleaning.

3.Rooms are usually unfurnished, it makes studying difficult without a table.

4. Your valuables are more prone to theft as compared to hostels unless you get trusted room partners.

You must also complete your admission process. Its really easy, if you have a mobile phone with internet connection. Believe me, If you can use Facebook then, of course, you can fill out the admission form without taking your family members and friends along with you to fill the forms and do the formalities. And please don’t give some agent or cybercafe hundreds of bucks to fill out the form for you. He will charge you too much for just a silly work and even make mistakes in your form. Now, almost all types of admission processes are online and if you just type your college/ University name on Google, you will find the admission process on their website. Just read them out and fill the form carefully. Most of the colleges require submission of online generated forms at their respective department after verification and payment of fees. Please check this on the notice board or the website of the college itself.r_a_nnu_Kh7k26UIgYFN-NbJGb1rFwvcVeAyorUvGmlgt1aJlc6YlNt7o2N-IGM_9nIIcicv2LdqvwDq7XSEfm9VzOhIiuPjvrQnvXRIwN682tbnkTAOfJFz4_fiZobolKkRGV6eQZpId4FY7Syh=w343-h429-nc

After the admission process, here comes the struggle to live alone away from home. It’s natural that for some days you will not feel good. It feels like someone inside you is killing you and you just wanna cry. But, you gonna have to find courage. Engage yourself in your hobbies, meet new people, talk to them. Don’t just keep talking to your family and friends at home, because that will make you feel worse than before. Sometimes, good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses. So, try to get away from that emotional thing and find happiness in your own way. And most importantly, don’t daydream too much. People have suffered because of living in dreams and forgetting to live. Remember, It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. Students dream about the days when they were in school. And hence, they leave behind the reality that they are not at home now. So, just accept the reality and face it.zcJ7bjNEsLuC8l65Cl0uNp_ZkY8SxVHwMoE_EJp8-ndTpaX_SHgwwl3sI2Fn1lpq-ufhGaCL-AQcLrR9Zq_0YRfg6vZ2COPfJ-seIenETsAoMmRm42_Fo4l1NFicrXcd5Dluyv8jC0ICwO1aZWHW=w236-h295-nc

    Now, you are out, but the streets are full of traffic and noises and you don’t know the routes to your college and back. But, if you are polite enough to ask anyone he will guide you the route. I usually ask a person who seems to be local and polite enough. I refrain from asking an Auto/Taxi driver because he might misguide and he will try to convince you to become his customer. Anyways, not all are same. Some students use Auto regularly just because they don’t know the route. Please don’t do that unless necessary.  You are here as a student, not a tourist. Ask and ask and soon you will learn. Go grab a bus, even though you get lost sometimes but you will learn the names of places, buses, and routes. And don’t get afraid of the crowd in the buses, you will soon get used to it.

Now, the harsh reality of the city: the bad effect. When I was new to the city, I always thought that when a person leaves his home he will definitely become a good person. I would recommend the parents to send their child for further studies to a city by saying that here is a good environment and your son/daughter will become a smart person. I usually focused on the positive side when asked about the city life. But now I focus on the negative side. I say to them that,”It doesn’t mean that your son will become a good person after leaving home.” It means you can easily be influenced by bad people and there are chances that you will end up with the wrong company of friends. So be careful. In a city, the ways of becoming a bad person are easier than the ways of becoming a good person. And bad people take the advantage of your situation when you are at an early stage out of your home. They know you are weak. They will try to take control over you. But don’t worry, you will find someone who will be good. So, even if you are in a bad influencing environment, you will find something to hold on to.


There will be a time when you will find out that you are becoming a bad person slowly but gradually. Always, remember that “Dark times lie ahead of us, and there will be a time when we must choose between what is Easy and what is Right. And it is not our abilities that show what we truly are, It is our Choices”.  There will come a time when you will see that you are a bad person and there is no good thing left inside you. But, Again I repeat “We’ve all got both Light and Dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”_J K Rowling.


Well, good luck for your future. I know these things are already known to you, but still I wanted to remind you. I don’t want you to face those problems which I had faced. And surely you can contact me in case you need anything.

If you like this article then share to those who need it.

Just sharing a feeling down here:

“That feeling is unexplainable when someone special leaves and you don’t even get a chance to say good-bye one last time. But don’t worry, the HOPE, that someday you will be back, will keep you alive.”

_ Dedicated to all those who are leaving almost everything for studies and Jobs this year.

Featured image credit: Ab Samad


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