The Death

They said, “they died. All of them. Everything that took birth shall die. The species in the high sky shall fall. The species deep underwater shall drown. The species on land shall be eaten up by mud.” But I guess some people die , some didn’t. Their bodies decayed, their souls escaped, but their names prevailed in the hardened pages of History. Great  names live forever. And when these people demise they leave behind a very important thing – The Way.

When they were alive they knew what’s going to happen to them, but they struggled so that their name would live forever in the memories of their descendants.  And hence they worked upon that part (i.e. name) which will survive the harsh reality of life (i.e. Death). Now, our job is to find that way and find wisdom. And when we do we will hand over a new way to our descendants that will lead to new dimensions, new possibilities, new height when we die.


Alfred Lord Tennyson in his poem ‘The Brook‘ says, ” For men may come and men may go but I go on forever”. He depicts the River here. Humans and animals use the river and leave but the river lives forever. For their names to last the great people worked for the humanity and changed the way of thinking, they changed people’s live.

For finding a place in history is not easy. History gives place to those who deserve it, to people who were loved, to people who were hated, for whom the whole world mourned or people felt relief after his death. History is for good people as well as for bad people. But remember the bad will be remembered as an Advise and the good will be remembered as an inspiration that will motivate the new blood to reach beyond the sky.



One thought on “The Death

  1. l like ur thoughts on life….but we should try to apply this thing in our practicle lifee…..i like that sentence…….we should never givp….up…..always try try again to achieve our goals……and i would say on this article. ……nothing is finished until we dont try it as our best…

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