The Conversation…


Nature : What is supposed to be in that Cocoon?

Man     : (very Awkwardly) I don’t know, a butterfly or something.

Nature : No, it’s a Moth Cocoon. It’s ironic, Butterflies get all the attention but Moths, they spin silk. They are faster, they are stronger.

Man     : (carelessly) What should I care?

Nature : Look, this Moth is about to emerge. It’s in there, Struggling, digging its way through the thick hide of the Cocoon. Now,(Surprisingly) I could help it. Take my knife and gently widen the opening and Moth will be free, But it would be too weak to survive. Struggle is Nature’s way of strengthening.

Conclusion: Every Living creature on this planet has to struggle in order to be strong. Even the Butterfly and The Moth, then How not we. The Theory of Life is simple, we depend on each other for our survival. And survival is a result of struggle through time and contrary forces of Nature.


2 thoughts on “The Conversation…

  1. l like ur thoughts on life….but we should try to apply this thing in our practicle lifee…..i like that sentence…….we should never givp….up…..always try try again to achieve our goals……

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    1. You are correct, I missed out this part of practical application. But now you have made the Article complete. Thanks for your positive thought. And Yes, I will try my best to implement these in my life.


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